Last week in Flinders Uni, I saw this written on the toilet wall. No one had replied. There were comments upon comments on the wars raging across the world, whether gay sex is better than straight sex, and how one should toilet ‘properly’. It broke my heart. Not one person had replied to this note. Serious. Or not. How can we walk away from those next to us in trouble?

I was reminded of this:

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”– Mother Teresa

I used to get very cross—all day long—about everything in the world, how awful it all was and how I felt hopeless to help; ineffectual. One day, my mother said to me:

“Lauren, you cannot care about all of the leaves on all of the trees; pick one and then the next one. Take care of them, but take care of you too.”

We live big lives, in the small moments.

The 11th of September is R U OK? DAY in Australia. This year it’s all about #mateship. Please people – be a mate.

I wrote about R U OK? DAY here last year.

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