Years in South Oz

Adelaide sunrise

I started this blog in January 2013 during a time of recovery from serious illness owing to a car crash. This blog gave me the confidence to share my writing with a public; something I had shied away from prior to the crash. I learnt a lot in 2013. I learnt that I can write and people may read it. Some will like it; others won’t. I learnt that writing and hiding it under my pillow was less satisfying than writing and ‘putting it out there’. And, I learnt that writing makes me a happier person all-round.

This blog is home to my 2013, my 3rd South Australian year. Please keep checking in as I will continue to update 2013 as and when: the notes are taking over the asylum.

This blog is helping me write the travel memoir of my first South Australian year and that’s why it’s called: ayearinsouthaustralia

Also, if I ever have something longer than a tweet to say about being one wee voice in this new wave of Irish in Australia, you’ll find it here. I have mainly been tweeting my Irish Australian experience since 2014.

You can find information about all of my writing at

Thank you to everyone for reading – I really appreciate it.

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