Adelaidean Winter—Sunrises


Adelaidean Winter—Sunrises

Probably the best sunrises in the world.


“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning.”

“Sun is shining,

Weather is sweet”; yea!

‘Makes me want to move, my dancing feet; yea!’


Morning is creeping,

Over the houses.

Look to the east,

Sky is flaming.

To the northeast—we are engulfed;

In a blazing sky.

Such beauty makes me cry.


Sun hanging there; all suburbia sleeps.

Illuminating the cityscape,

Wakening offices.

Even the grasslands are roused from their slumber—

While I lie on Victoria Park, early of a weekday morning.


Hushed awe.

And wonder.

How do others still slumber?

Adelaide—you’re missing this (while you were sleeping).



View photoblog here.



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