Thebarton Buddhism

I was wandering through Thebarton on Tuesday 13/8/2013, came across this sign, and snapped it on my phone. I thought to myself – isn’t it funny the things you don’t know exist in your city, I wonder what this is. Initially, India came to mind, then I thought no more about it and resolved to look it up later at home. I am guilty of doing this all too often and never getting to the actual looking-up stage but with a blog due …

After a brief perusal of the internet I’ve found that The Mahamakut Foundation is from Thailand. Of course, looking at the sign properly now; it is unmistakably Thai. My eyes must have filtered out the Thai script on first glance. And it’s all about Buddhism. You can read more here.

We often drive through Thebarton on our way west beachwards. However, pretty much any time I’ve spent near Thebarton has been at night attending gigs in The Thebarton Theatre or eating out. I’d never stopped to wander the back streets, nosying at houses, and stumbling upon the lovely Olive Tree Cafe; granted this was all on my lunch break so it wasn’t an extensive ramble.

I had the most delightful recess exploring a couple of Adelaide’s residential roads.

I worked near Dulwich when I first arrived in South Australia and I used to spent at least the last 20 minutes of my lunch moseying about looking at houses’ architecture. I never bored of it in 6 months. I used to invite the locals in the office to come out with me for a gander. No one ever came. I found it truly sad that they spent their whole days indoors – something I just cannot do. House – car- work – car – house – repeat. Watching them depressed me but so did office work – too little freedom over your own movements, must sit still, work, never have too many wriggle breaks. Not my forte!

I often cycle around Adelaide, but even if I only leave the house to wander out to the clothesline, I look up at the sky and peer about. I actually make a point of exiting the house every morning. I go around the house opening curtains and windows, unlock the front door and step outside to welcome the new day. My salute to the sun … more of a yogic stance that, isn’t it?

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