Mount Gambier

On Thursday 10/1/13, we looked around Mount Gambier briefly. We wanted to make it back to Port MacDonnell, where we were staying, for sunset. I was yearning to get back to the sea and I think that dulled my experience of the town.

One thing I found rather peculiar, Mount Gambier is the second biggest urban area in South Australia, next to Adelaide City, and most retail units in the town centre are only one storey!

In all my travels around Europe, North America, and Asia I have never been struck by such a pervading sense of underpopulation as I have been, thus far, in South Australia. There is a solitariness to SA that one can’t quite put their finger on. I did not get this feeling even when riding that illustrious train line through The Gobi Desert. When I figure out what it is, I’ll let you know … I have an inkling it is related to abundant space coupled with an island mentality.

Fri 11/1/13 – Before Penola, we headed to The Lady Nelson Visitor & Discovery Centre. I was feeling rather rubbish and craved air-conditioning. It was, as Tony-the-Tiger says: “Grrreat!” However, I would have liked better signposting to the order of things. In any European museum I don’t need order signposted – I know that history. But, in Australia, I am still only a student and I can easily get lost. I picked up The Booandik Tribe of South Australian Aborigines by Mrs. James Smith (1880) – it’s on my ‘in-shelf’.

B would like me to note the OK Pie Shop. I think it was alright. Port Elliot Bakery is still my favourite pie provider in SA.

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