Wild Mulberry Cafe

Mon 7/1/13

It isn’t always easy in Regional SA to find cafes that sell soy milk. I was informed by B that Robe would definitely have soy milk considering all the gliterrati descending for their summer hols. B was right. I frequented the Wild Mulberry Cafe and it is a truly lovely eatery. I can’t say enough good about it. There is a nice outside area with vines, trees and grass. It also houses a small preserve shop. It is very busy during peak season.

Passing by the chalkboard I saw French Vanilla Toast advertised and instinctively order it without reading the menu. When choosing food I follow one rule – go with one’s gut. Divine! The food was divine. I have never tasted anything so sweet that wasn’t sickening. Thick french toast. Poached pears. Vanilla pods. Icing sugar. Maple syrup. There may have been cream but I don’t eat cream – hence, the soy milk. Dear God save me, when I tell you this may have been the best breakfast of my life. Even better than Irish breakfasts, eggs benedict with smoked salmon, rocket and capers, and student days peri-alcoholism induced leftover takeaways. I cannot recommend the food enough! They are licensed and if you are so inclined Champagne breakfasts there would be well worth the drive.

I then perused the menu which looked fantastic and glimpsed mouth-watering sightings of food being delivered to tables, particularly a burger with bacon: drool.

I only wish the buzzing but relaxed atmosphere, menu, and design could be transported to Adelaide. I am always looking for good breakfast places in Adelaide. Particularly weekend breakfast joints where you can read the paper/magazine, doodle/dawdle and savory your brekkie brunch. To this end, the food must be remarkable and the service consistently good and friendly. A number of good eateries have been struck off my list solely due to poor and/or unfriendly service. So, I have found only three: Bar 9, Grange Jetty Kiosk, and Thyme Cafe. The thing about Adelaide is you can’t really dawdle … even on a Sunday morning. And it completely spoils the whole getting out of the house experience of a weekend. Sure, on a weekday dawdle away – but there aren’t many who can do that.

In the Wild Mulberry Cafe, even though dawdling wasn’t rampant due to the high turnover of patrons, I could still savour the taste. The city misses that part of eating out and it is what you are paying them for. That’s what a weekend brekkie brunch is all about: the stillness, the calm, your tastebuds, pushing back that all encroaching Monday morning feeling – a little bit of zen and savouring the taste.

It’s a beautiful eatery. I would come again.

I did! On Wed 9/1/13, I went back and took B. It was even better to share. Eggs benedict: thumbs up. Spinach perfectly wilted.

Noted both days: The glitterati are here in abundance. I was distractedly thinking – how much money do Robe visitors have? Robe swims in serenity. Robe drips affluence.

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