The Whistling Fish

If I were ever to come into some money unexpectedly – this is what I would do with my life:

I would set up a bookshop come coffee house in my back garden in the vein of The Whistling Fish, 38 Smillie St, Robe, South Australia.

As with the Wild Mulberry Cafe perfection is achieved by the simple inclusion of a garden area. The cosiness of  grass and shady trees is simply not comparable to a city street pavement.

They serve coffee, tea, and cakes and invite lounging about, chatting, and dawdling. One can peruse the shelves of 2nd hand and new books at one’s leisure while witnessing an aspirational couple raising their family and simultaneously run a business.

The ambience was undoubtedly the best ‘paid for‘ stretch of time of our trip.

Wednesday, 9/1/13

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