Go East! Go Robe!

Robe is a beautiful town for those with a love of the aesthetic and deep pockets. You can tell almost as immediately as you enter Robe that its natural beauty is matched by a commercialisation of the middle class persuasion. I am led to believe that the affluent of Adelaide descend on Robe for the summer months and although not excluded from the sighted demographic one may feel out of place in backpacker garb. Labels noted ranged from: Prada, Vuitton, Miu Miu, Lisa Ho to Wet Seal, Rip Curl, Cath Kidson, Laura Ashley. I did not note many labeless holiday makers.

However, the locals seemed to exude much more of a labeless return to the ‘good things’ in life vibe. Then again, there are beach sports, campsites and room for everyone in the year-long-summer mentality being proferred. It’s all so Australian, isn’t it? The creation of place under the umbrella of #thisishowwedoithere but #allarewelcome.

For example, the Robe Produce Swap was noted as an interesting and significant cultural mentality of the residents. All about swapping your homegrown organic veggies with other locals to vary your diet, save money, and be environmentally conscious. The Good Life mentality Robe locals subscribe to is exactly what this town offers the holidayer. I can come here to escape and live the dream … even if only for a week.

Some of the locals appear to be earning a living off tourism and selling the natural landscape + the ideal which is:

♫ Nice work if you can get it,

And if you get it —

Won’t you tell me how?♫

Robe undergoes an influx of holidayers during the summer months and one can see why – it is practically perfect in every way. There is a gamut of things to do including: watersports, art classes, local history investigations, and perambulating about. There is also the most inventive baby-sitting service a seaside town has ever come up with, it offers sittings in two hourly settings approx., from 10am until midnight. Dump your kids in the cinema and have a few hours to reconnect – they even had three hour screenings on in the evening – time for a bevvy, anyone?

With such natural and man-made beauty apparent around every turn I shall go to Robe again on the off season, under the auspices of a price comparison, but really just to spoil myself rotten.

Robe websites: http://council.robe.sa.gov.au http://robe.com.au http://www.robewaterfront.com.au

Robe, Sunday 6th to Wednesday 9th of January, 2013.

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