6 Degrees of Aberration

On the morning of Saturday 5/2/2013 we waddled out of our swan cabin and meandered the couple of hundred yards over to The Cheese Factory.

Well, what a perfect morning we did have. Everything about it was perfect … except for the fact that I hadn’t done my hair or applied make-up in a very “we’re in Meningie it’s not as though I’m going to meet anyone interesting” kind of a way.


We sat down outside in the courtyard and awaited opening for coffee. When we were eventually served with sinful cakes for brekkie my waistband sighed and my heart sang. I’ve always been fond of the tranquility seeing the moon in the daytime gives one. The sense of unsynchronised continuity gives the assurance that everything is going to be ok. Overlooking the idyllic Lake Albert I thought to myself life doesn’t get much better than this.


My Australian travelling companion (let’s call them “B”) headed inside to pay. Suddenly there was beside me an all singing, all dancing, all performing non-lookalike image of me at our table. Our waitress, who spoke a mile-a-minute had also studied at Aberystwyth – the best uni in the world™ – and was uncontrollably excited to meet a fellow Aberystwythian. I too was majorly overjoyed. I wanted to take her back to Adelaide as a pocket person.

Pocket people are people you like very much and would like to carry around in miniature in your pocket to take out at any time to brighten up your day. This concept is ™ by a group of drunken Londoners circa 2005 (see me for details).

We even laughed alike. B pointed this out. We told B in unison: “it’s an Aber thing!”.

Funnier still is that my pocket person™ is also committed to South Australia due to the love of a local. “They import their girlfriends!”

For all of you who want to enjoy more than a voyeuristic slice of life, my Meningie pocket person™ is performing in Adelaide’s Fringe Festival, in the autobiographical Cracked.

We are still very disappointed by the erroneous trading name of The Cheese Factory – please #make #sell #lemmeeat some cheese!

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